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Merced, California: Like many of you, we spent the day with family. Watching football. Eating delicious foods. Enjoying each other. And there was the constant adoration of the new baby. Dave and I are so blessed.

Brother Billy could barely lift this 26 pound wonder. The bird was so large, the lid could not close on the roasting pan!

Yeah, right. DT carved the turkey.

Guess who showed-up to our family Thanksgiving celebration?

Santa! Santa had the day off from the local mall, so stopped in at Bill & Ginger's for a little turkey.

Which is how this photo opportunity came to be.

Everyone enjoyed the Thanksgiving feast.

And Kira doesn't mind no longer being the baby of the family.

And this pretty-much sums up how we all felt at the end of the day - Leo just wins the "most-awesome-pajamas" prize.

Tomorrow, more family arrive and we will continue on in the sharing, eating and baby admiring. Until my next update, I remain, your thankful correspondent.