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One Thing

Merced, California: I love camping on the now-defunct Castle Air Base. Anywhere that allows me to run for miles and miles on a flat, straight road is heaven. DT prefers soft trails and a few hills. Me? Give me a road that follows a runway long enough to launch a B-52 and I am a Happy Girl. Gosh, I do love running here. No traffic. No people.

But this column is not about running. This column is about Leo. Leo has been so good all weekend. All the brothers and their wives have gathered. We have passed the child back and forth and he never complains. Leo smiles for everyone. He has charmed the entire family and we have declared Leo the Cutest Baby in the Entire World. Not California. Not America.


The Entire World.

We spent the day with family. Of course, turkey sandwiches were involved. Tonight, I will post only one little thing - a video of Leo and his West Coast Grandpa (DT) interacting. It isn't quite Fellini-worthy (I took the video with my iPhone!), but you can easily see Our Little Leo is quite the charmer.

Leo has a lot to say.

Our Ducks have a Big Game tomorrow (12:30p pacific, ABC) against the Beavers of Oregon State University. If the Ducks win, they will play December 1 2 in the first-ever Pac-12 Championship game. If we lose, well, we just can't lose.

Until my next update, I remain, your videographeric correspondent.