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Grover: Part 2

Merced, California: We only had a four hour drive this morning to reach DT's boyhood home town of Merced. We were anxious to arrive. Anxious to see family. Anxious to see...

...this stylin' guy - Baby Leo.

Just north of Sacramento we witnessed zillions of ducks fly out of a rice paddy! It was an amazing sight.

'Suppose they are all heading up to Eugene for the Oregon v Oregon State game Saturday?

Today was the first time Dave's Mom met her first great-grandchild. She thinks Leo is pretty much perfect. Didn't hurt that the little guy was in a very happy mood and was grinning ear-to-ear and "talking" all afternoon. All smiles. Great Grandma is sitting in a 100+ year-old rocking chair family heirloom. How many babies do you think have been rocked in that chair?

Dave's Mom made two big platters of enchiladas for dinner tonight. Three of her four sons were in attendance, with their spouses/children. It was a great evening, but low-key. We are resting up for the Thanksgiving banquet tomorrow!

Lenny, Leo & Kira

Lisa's cousin, Kira, thinks Leo is very cute!

See the Grover doll and Grover pajamas? Lisa had a Grover when she was a baby and he became her favorite toy. She carried her Grover doll across five continents. (He is still with us - tucked away in a chest.) Dave found a small Grover doll at a toy store the other day and bought it for Leo. Coincidentally, Lisa brought Grover pj's for Leo to wear tonight. Is Grover still her favorite stuffed animal?

Lisa with Grover - Taipei, Taiwan, 1986

I don't want to get all mushy on you, but DT and I want to send our best wishes to your and yours for a peaceful and wonderful day tomorrow. You are the Best, and I am so thankful you choose to read this little website! From our RV to yours - HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Until my next update, I remain, your happy correspondent correspondent.