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Teeny Visitor

There is a baby car seat base installed in the Honda. There is a package of disposable diapers in the guest bedroom. In the kitchen, there is a box of organic herbal tea promising to promote lactation. You guessed it! Leo is coming to visit! (He is bringing his parents along.)

Baby's first jet!

Lisa and Leo flew up from Los Angeles this morning; Lenny will fly up after work tomorrow. Leo slept through his first airplane trip.

I have very poor vision and am highly prejudiced, but I am fairly certain Leo is the cutest baby ever. I think he may even be cuter than his Mother as an infant. Leo really looks like a boy.

And now that the cutest baby ever is 12 weeks, he is smiling all the time and thinks this granny is pretty funny.

Leo is a very sweet boy.

My sister, Renee, came to meet Leo tonight. Renee is in love. Our niece, Carla, also thinks Leo is pretty dang cute.

No one is disagreeing.

Carla (nearly 17) made this serving platter for me! How much fun will I have filling this plate with goodies for Leo over the years! I love it! A very thoughtful gift that I will treasure and use.

Our menu tonight was vegan - as Carla has gone vegan. I made a pot of chili. It was wicked spicy. So spicy, in fact, The Lovely Lisa would not eat the chili and had a bowl of cereal for dinner. Me? I had seconds of the spicy organic fat-free low-calorie nutrition-loaded chili.

Luckily, dessert was more user-friendly.

Tomorrow I promise a photo of Leo's Mom & Dad!

Until my next update, I remain, your happy correspondent.