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Remodel Update

Our contractor, John, from Rio Renovation, spent most of last week installing the Wedi board on all surfaces that will be tiled. The Wedi system is a waterproofing layer and the shower floor comes complete with the drain. Very cool stuff.

The Wedi board is dark grey. John has smoothed over all the seams and screws and the surface is now ready for the marble tile. I can't wait!

The corner seat was not in the plan, but when the old fiberglass shower stall was removed, we found a vent pipe elbow sticking into the shower stall area. Change of plans! Unbelievably, this is the only "surprise" the contractor found while demolishing the nearly-18 year old bathroom. Whew!

The ceiling has been painted and I have FINALLY decided upon a wall color. This wall will house the double-sink vanity.

Imagine this vanity along that wall. (Don't imagine all that "stuff" on the vanity though - I can't stand all that clutter!) Imagine large white-framed mirrors over the sink. Then imagine these lights hanging over the mirrors:

Next you have to imagine this all against a dark blue wall.

Work with me here, will you? It is going to be beautiful. Trust me. And this dark color is only for the accent wall - the rest of the room will be a very (very!) light blue-grey. Don't forget it is a 10x14 room, with 10 foot high ceilings.

The area surrounding the bathtub will be tiled with marble, 42 inches high wainscoting.

The wall behind the vanity has to be textured, then the walls will be painted and then the tile work begins! It is all happening very fast - something you don't usually hear when talking about a remodeling project. Our contractor has given us a schedule and he is sticking with plan.

Until my next update, I remain, your colorful correspondent.