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Father & Child Reunion

While DT was in Eugene for meetings, Lisa and I had a very busy day with the baby. Errands and mani-pedi's, before a visit to the just-opened New Seasons Market. Lisa just loved our new neighborhood grocer. Today, we picked-up several delicious fruits and veggies while Leo slept - swaddled into a Baby Bjorn. Leo dozed-through the entire experience of visiting the best grocer in America!

Back at the ranch, our contractor was painting walls. Mid-paint I changed my mind and have decided to paint the entire room one color. No accent wall. The entire room will be a pale blue-grey. Trust me. (Wait, didn't I say that the other day?) Anyone need a gallon of really, really, really dark blue paint? Lenny flew in from Los Angeles this evening and arrived at our house around 8:30p. I had dinner - RV Lasagna - ready to eat. Lenny was not too interested in food. He just wanted to see Leo and Lisa.Lenny did not enjoy sleeping in their house last night without Lisa and Leo. Even the dog - Reese - was already at the kennel for the weekend. Once asleep, Lenny managed seven straight hours. No doubt, the first time he has slept that long since August 2nd.

Lisa's boys are back together.

There is nothing like seeing a Dad with his baby. So sweet. Leo was all-smiles tonight.

Until my next update, I remain, your joyful correspondent.