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Tech Support

Indio, California: The weather turned on us last night. It's like we are suddenly back in Oregon (if Oregon had palm trees). Wind. Cold. The high today at our campsite was 59°. I wore a sweater all day.

Our tech, Brian Van De Walker (Coach Solutions, 541.514.9000) was here from 9a-3p, working off a check-list of chores we wanted repaired/maintained on our beautiful motorhome. Even though the Magna Peregrinus has been fairly trouble-free (knock on wood), there is always something that needs tending-to... just like at home.

Gluing-down the corner of the Corian and the door is off the dishwasher

We had noticed a few places on the woodwork that needed a bit of touch-up with varnish. Brian did most of the work in the motorhome, but removed the door of the dishwasher and sanded/varnished that panel outside.

Because Brian can just do stuff like that. DT and I would spend more time locating the installation manual to try and read how to remove the panel than it took Brian to remove the panel and apply more varnish!

The door is once again gorgeous!

We were also getting a little cracking in the caulk where the kitchen backsplash meets the countertop. Brian re-caulked. While he had his caulking gun, Brian re-beaded the shower stall. Just in case. Then he realigned the 42" TV that rises up out of the cabinet in the living room so the top cover is again flush with the cabinet top. Brian did something with the pocket doors that required removing them completely and did a bit of this and that until DT's list is once again empty!

Probably tomorrow we will find something else needed tweaking. We are lucky Brian spends his winters in this area and his summers in Oregon. (Whoa. Is he stalking us?)

I didn't completely waste my day. I made a big pot of vegetable soup for our dinner, and took the weekend Camping Journal orders to the post office.

And I made myself into a South Park avatar:

I think the pearls were a classy touch

My time is very valuable.

This was not a day to enjoy a cocktail on the patio. I hate white-caps on my martini.

But it was a perfect day for a steamy bowl of vegetable soup.

Until my next update, I remain, your repaired correspondent.

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