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Another Option

Indio, California: Because we are so extremely popular own a Country Coach motorhome, we were invited by Premier RV to a wine tasting (featuring vineyards around the Eugene, Oregon area) at the Desert Shores Motorcoach Resort club house (about one minute away from where we are camped). Premier RV is a new full-service RV facility just outside of Eugene, Oregon. They service and repair motorhomes, plus have a complete remodeling department, offer re-sale motorhomes and have a plush indoor storage facility.

Just say "wine" and "free" and you will suddenly find yourself with a room full of RVers.

The Southern Oregon Winery Association presented a lovely selection of Oregon wines and encouraged RVers to visit the area. Premier RV provided great cheeses, crackers and fruits for us to enjoy during the presentation. Of course, we really enjoyed ourselves. DT and I are great lovers of the Eugene area and all-things Oregon. We encourage you all to visit Oregon and enjoy some of our fabulous wine (while having full tile floors installed in your motorhome by Premier RV, of course). Don't forget - no sales tax in The Great State of Oregon!

After the wine tasting, we hopped on the back of a golf cart and had an escorted tour of Desert Shores Motorcoach Resort. This resort is similar to the Motorcoach Country Club - only Class-A motorhomes are allowed. But this resort kicks the "casita" idea up a notch - the homes at this resort average 1200 square feet and include a "great room", one bedroom, full bath and a garage for a car and golf cart. (The square footage includes the garage space.)

Motorhomes are parked on-site, with full hook-ups. There are several floor plans, with various upgrades and options. Most residents live outdoors during the day, but sleep in their coach - leaving the bedroom as a guest room, hobby room or office.

Outside facades vary, but basically most of the units are very similar. Decor seems to be the biggest difference.

The "casitas" have entire walls made of glass that open-up (imagine disappearing sliding-glass doors) and are also equipped with metal "hurricane rolling doors" that seal off the entire house from the brutal desert sun. (This resort sits abandoned much of June-October - it is simply too hot! This is also true of the Motorcoach Country Club and nearly every RV resort in the Coachella Valley.)

Nearly every casita has a salt water swimming pool and hot tub. (Never mind the swimming pool and hot tub at the resort club house.)

None of the pools seem large enough for actual swimming, so I suspect they are used to cool off and relax. Gas fire pits are another common feature.

The casitas have a shaded patio as well. Some have fancy outdoor kitchens - which (to me) would mean a kitchen in the RV, a kitchen in the casita and a kitchen outside the casita. Hmmmm... maybe a bit too much?

In this photo, it is easier to grasp the size of the casita and RV parking area.

DT and I visited Desert Shores Motorcoach Resort just after they opened (maybe 8 years ago or so?) - when only about 30 home sites were built-out. We couldn't understand the draw to such a life style. Why would you need another living room, bedroom, bathroom and full kitchen when you have a monster RV parked just outside with the same amenities?

These thoughts were definitely before we had a daughter ready to deliver our first grandbaby two hours away. It does give us another option to consider... but as nice as a livable casita sounds, this RV resort does not have a golf course or a fabulous restaurant/bar. Also, Desert Shores seems more like a residential community and not at all like a RV resort... it just happens every home has a luxury motorcoach parked in the driveway.

Though garage floor plans differ (and newer models have switched to instant-demand water heaters and furnaces in the attic), each garage has this fancy flooring and are plumbed for a washer/dryer. Most garages have room for one car and one golf cart. (Apparently every old duffer living in the Coachella Valley needs a golf cart to tool around the neighborhood.)

Every kitchen is some variance of this design - huge island and walk-in corner pantry. All the countertops are granite and the floors are either ceramic tile or marble. The units have water, electricity, natural gas, telephone and cable television. Lawn is maintained by the homeowner association - all the flowers, etc., and all utilities are the responsibility of the homeowner. Association dues are around $550 per month.

Same kitchen, different decor.

In the above photo, you have a view of the kitchen island and the "great room". This unit features a gas fireplace (they all feature a gas fireplace!) and an area above the fireplace for a flat-screen television. Through the double doors is the area for a guest bedroom/office/hobby room and a really large luxury bath with marble shower, double sinks and walk-in closet. Truthfully, they are very nicely appointed and you couldn't find anything much nicer in a five-star hotel.

Wasn't that an interesting tour of a completely different one-of-a-kind RV experience? I'm only here to help.

Until my next update, I remain, your RV resort correspondent.

RV Park:  Motorcoach Country Club. Without a doubt (to me - and don't forget, it's my website) the finest RV Resort in The World. Every available amenity. Golf, tennis courts, 3 pools, 3 spas, bathhouses, 2 laundries, fitness center, club houses, restaurant, bar, gated security, 2-mile waterway and wifi.