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Swimming & Sasa

Los Angeles, California: The Old Folks were up early this morning. Lenny, Lisa & Leo picked us up at our hotel and we all went out to the Rose Bowl Aquatics Center for Leo's first swim lesson! The entire area surrounding the Rose Bowl was crazy-busy. Hundreds of people jogging, soccer matches, a RV show and a massive swim meet at the Aquatics Center. There were at least three pools at the center (that I saw) and they were all being utilized with the meet and swim lessons.

Our little grandson was all decked-out in a swim nappy and a very cute little swim suit with matching shirt and hat!

Leo wasn't exactly sure what was going down, but he was happy and smiling - as usual.

There were only five students in Leo's class and only a few of them were walking. Most of the class consisted of dragging the babies back and forth across the pool - either on their stomachs or backs - getting them used to being in the water and trying to get them to kick their legs.

Turns out Leo simply loves the water. (Just like his Momma.) The pool was as warm as a bath tub!

Hey! Wait a second... what's going on??

This is better.

Land Ho!

Enough with the swim lessons - can I play now? The swim lessons were quite fun. How lucky is Leo that he gets to learn to swim in the warm sunshine! Star sighting: actress Diane Keaton was at the swim center watching the competition. Swimming makes you hungry, so we all went out to breakfast after class to Foxy's in Glendale. They specialize in all sorts of Mexican breakfasts. Yumms.For instance, I ordered an egg-white omelet with a whole poblano chile! So delicious, but I could only eat half. Service was spectacular, friendly and accommodating of our little guy. Leo was a perfect gentleman during the entire meal - happily chewing away on his teething toy (still no teeth!) while we dined. Foxy's is highly recommended.

DT and I rested at our hotel for a bit while Lisa and Lenny took Leo to a birthday party. Later, we headed back to help Lisa and Lenny get ready for their week and then Lisa's friends gathered to celebrate Sasa's 8th Birthday.

Leo & Sasa

Sasa (pronounced Sasha) and Lisa have been friends since 1999 when they met at The George Washington University. And though Sasa lives in New York, he visits Los Angeles often to see Lisa and their large group of GW friends now living on the West Coast. Sasa is a Leap Day baby, so tonight we celebrated his 8th birthday at Barbrix. Ten friends - including Little Leo!

Another wonderful evening with the youngsters! 

Until my next update, I remain, your busy correspondent.