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Los Angeles, California: We drove over to Los Angeles this afternoon to spend the weekend with the kids and to attend a party on Saturday evening. The two-hour drive is a no-brainer. Interstate freeways all the way. Sometimes up to six lanes. About half of the drive includes carpool lanes, so we can drive at the posted speed limit - 70 mph.

We witnessed a few interesting events on the drive today. First - on a four-lane portion of the freeway - a huge gust of desert wind blew a massive palm tree directly across the freeway! No kidding. Right in front of our car. Unbelievably, no one was hurt and the tree didn't hit even one car! The tree was so old and so dead, when it hit the pavement the trunk blew-up - disintegrated - into a million pieces. Instantly. It was the dangest thing. However, the fronds remained intact and somehow attached themselves to the bottom of several cars, were dragged away and dispersed half-way to Los Angeles.

Next we came across a power line that was sagging dangerously low across I-10. A few truckers had pulled-over afraid the swinging and swaying line would sling down across the top of their rigs.

And then, just to make things interesting, something happened to the car in the lane next to us to cause his windscreen to explode. We are not sure if he was hit with something or maybe just hit a famous LA pothole with an already damaged window - but boom! He was able to get off the freeway without incident.

Were we ever happy to get off the road and find this happy face waiting for us:

Gramps and I went with Lisa and Leo to his "Mommy and Me" class. They sang songs, clapped, jumped up and down, etc. It was fun to see Leo interact with the other babies. There are two sets of twins in his class and all the babies were so adorable.

DT and I made Leo's parents to go out to dinner - without the baby and without us. It only took about 4 seconds of convincing.

All dressed up and ready for an evening out without their little munchkin. Beautiful.

Okay, so they choose a restaurant less than a mile from their house and Lisa only texted me five times... but the Little Guy just was a dream. We played and sang and read books. At about 8:30, he started to get a little fussy and started rubbing his eyes. I heated a bottle of mothers milk and he happily took it all. Then I put him over my shoulder, gave him a good burp and he fell asleep. He was still sleeping when his parents returned! And to think, I used to make 35-cents an hour doing the very same thing in the early 70's.

Leo has swim lessons tomorrow!

Until my next update, I remain, your grandmotherly correspondent.

SLOGGER REPORT:  Since I am taking Saturday & Sunday off, I ran four miles this morning. My knee is fine. My hip is fine. I am still old and fat and slow. But I was out there, moving around.