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Meeting Michael + Good News

Indio, California: Our nephew, Michael, is now living in Los Angeles and we all went out for brunch this morning. (We certainly do eat a lot when we are in El Lay.)

Michael is the son of my baby brother, Steve. (Steve & Kris live in Denver.) Michael works in the medical field in LA, yet had to drive over an hour to get to see his new cousin this morning. Los Angeles is just too large. We had such a fun time - Leo was simply infatuated with Michael!

And I think the feeling was mutual. We walked to a neighborhood spot for brunch. Leo spent most of the time on Michael's lap - so calm and happy sitting with Michael! After our meal, we came back to Lisa's house and Michael had Leo laughing and kicking his legs - Leo was so excited to spend time with his cousin. Such fun. Seriously, it seems to me not so long ago that Michael was a little rug rat himself.

You didn't forget our Grand Dawg did you? It was really hot in Los Angeles today and Reese was not having a fun time.

I may have gone a little crazy today photographing the Cutest Baby Ever. Look away if you do not want to see even more of the Little Lad:

Playing in the garden with Grandpa

Thinking deep thoughts

Laughing with Grandpa

Lisa is introducing one new food a week. This week is Prune Week.

Do I like prunes?

Yummy. Prunes are good!

I'm getting a little sleepy.

Leo fell asleep with Grandpa

As you can see, we had another wonderful day with our Beautiful Family in Los Angeles, but we decided to get out of town before either of us had to change that prune nappy. And now for some wonderful news: Do any of y'all recall a few weeks ago when we drove over to Los Angeles for the day? There was a special reason for this quick visit. The kids had found a house they were thinking about purchasing and they wanted our opinion. (Isn't that sweet?) They knew Lisa's teeny bungalow would not work with a young family and planned to start looking for a larger house next year... but this perfect home came on the market - in their neighborhood - and they decided to make an offer!The house has been completely renovated - including new wiring, plumbing, heating and air conditioning systems. It has three bedrooms, three full baths and a dream kitchen with professional appliances. Lisa and Lenny's offer was accepted, the deal is done and in a few short weeks, DT and I will be back in Los Angeles helping the kids move to their new palace!

Our daughter has exquisite taste!

DT and I moved Lisa into her dorm at The George Washington University in 1999. We moved her into her first apartment her sophomore year. We moved her into her first big-girl-with-a-job-in-DC apartment after graduation (where she acquired our Grand Dawg, Reese). We moved her into an apartment for a one-year internship thingy in Boston. She moved herself into an apartment in Los Angeles when she started her career in the entertainment industry. We moved Lisa into her "first home" (her present house) six years ago. This new house will be the 14th place she has lived since being born in The Philippines 30 years ago.

Until my next update, I remain, your very happy correspondent.

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