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Swimming Lawnmower

Indio, California:  The day started so peacefully. Captain Jim sent this pretty photo from their view in Maui:

Our morning peace is interrupted every Friday morning for an hour or so while the landscape crew mows and blows the lawn, but this morning I heard quite a bit of excitement from the workers. Yelling (in Spanish). Whistling. Maybe a little laughter. I went outside to discover this interesting situation:

The terrain in front of our motorhome takes a fairly steep dive towards the canal. Today the mower went a bit over the edge. The (I'm pretty certain) expensive mower was teetering on the edge, ready to fall into the water!

One of the crew members brought a bit of rope and thought about using the rope to tow the mower - using a utility tractor to pull the teetering mower out of the canal. 

I am not an engineer, but I was thinking the thin rope idea was not a good plan.

About thirty minutes later, someone brought a heavy chain and the chain was attached between the two vehicles.

The plunging mower was started and placed in reverse, and the utility tractor pulled the mower away from the water.

Problem solved! There is a huge hole in the grass next to the water, but I am guaranteed it will be repaired. I'm just so happy the worker (and the mower) did not go into the canal and that no one was injured. I bet that poor guy is going to be teased for weeks!

The rest of the day involved seeing Henry for a manicure/pedicure and for the first time ever I went to one of those yogurt bars where you fill your own cup with yogurt and sprinkled it with toppings. It was pretty good, but I am a bit concerned about the cleanliness of all those self-serve topping bins. Is it just me or do you agree?

SLOGGER REPORT:  3 more slow miles. It was really hot again today. I am either going have to start running at 7a or I am going to have to start running on the treadmill in the air conditioned fitness center.

Until my next update, I remain, your Shabbat Shalom Alone correspondent.

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