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Indio, California:  You know what it's like when you move into a new RV. Lots of space for your "stuff". We still have a few empty corners in several cabinets, but (even after four years in this beautiful motorhome) I am still looking for new ways to reorganize and unclutter.

Which why our tech, Brian Van De Walker of Coach Solutions (541-514-9000), came by this morning. We went from ridiculous this:

To simple this:

Ah, much better! Brian programmed a Genesis MX-900 to turn on the television, choose Cable, Satellite or DVD... or we can choose to listen to the radio, satellite radio, iPod, etc. The remote does it all! I am so excited and you can bet My Driver (and Controller of the Remote) will be thrilled. The Genesis MX-900 has RF and IR operation and can control up to 40 devices. Of course, we do have to retain the original remotes, but they can go into a cabinet and will no longer crowd our end table.

While Brian, and his assistant, Steve, were here this morning they added a few button to our control panel for me, glued down a piece of Corian countertop that decided to detach itself, changed the light bulbs on the steps (can't even remember the last time they worked) so we can see where we are walking at night and then Brian placed a new air conditioner cover on the rear roof air conditioner. Why? Hmmm, remember this little incident? We didn't learn of the damage to the air conditioner cover until we arrived here in Indio. The crew washing our bus discovered the little surprise. There was a hole in the air conditioner cover! Hmmm... Dave and Lenny... wonder how that happened? The new cover was only $20. (The damage to the garage door was $200.)

Anyway, by the time Brian left, the day was pretty-much shot. I ran out to ship orders and stopped by the grocer.

Did I, or did I not, dine on fish tacos? I'm not saying.

Again, a beautiful day. 88 degrees. We had a little cloud cover this afternoon, but I didn't mind a bit.

Who could complain about a few clouds?

Until my next update, I remain, your controlling correspondent.

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