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Sunny & Warm

Indio, California: You know it is going to be a good day when you open your eyes and realize you are in RV Paradise!

Our view at 8 o'clock this morning

Much of the United States is under a blanket of snow in a weather emergency, and here we sit under palm trees. I am sending "warm wishes" to everyone suffering from bad weather today.

I hit the streets of the RV resort early this morning to jog three miles and actually completed 2.5 miles... which isn't too bad for lazy me. After my exercise, I brought my camera out for a shot of my favorite view from my favorite campsite in this resort -#198.

The view from #198

Can you imagine waking-up every morning to this view? You could if you have $470,000. Yes, this lot is for sale at only $470,000. (How many Camping Journals would I have to sell to buy this lot? I would do the math, but my calculator just exploded.)

Pretty picture

Still, you can't put a price on happiness.

Here is another view from #321 (not for sale). This view looks east - the mountains are in Joshua Tree National Park. The building down the middle of the waterway is called (a bit pretentiously, me thinks) The Yacht Club. It is for owners-only, and has a pool, spa, bath house and laundry. On the second floor is a bar and meeting room. Snazzy!

The view from Lot #321

Today is Jimmy Buffett's 63rd birthday. This is how Jimmy looked the first time I saw him in concert (circa 1975).

And... a photo of Jimmy and his lovely wife, Jane, taken at their home last week. The Buffett's have been married for 33 years and have three children (ages 29, 17 & 14).

To commemorate this Big Day, I listened to Jimmy exclusively on my iPod while running this morning! Happy Birthday, Jimmy!

Please forgive me that little homage to My Favorite Singer.

After we each ran around the resort twice... showered and consumed nutritious foods... we decided to walk around the resort with the list of lots for sale.

Always fun.

The Motorcoach Country Club has 400 sites. Some are along the (walled) street or back-boundary side, some face the waterway, others face the golf course. Every site comes with complete use of all facilities, 50 amp electric service, water, sewer, natural gas, cable, wifi, on-site garbage/recycling and the same monthly home owner association dues (around $550 per month, I believe). Lots for sale start at completely undeveloped and reach all the way to sites with pools, spas, complete outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, water features and casitas. Sites are presently for sale from $120,000 to over one million buckaroonies. Long-time readers know we love staying here and for the past eight years have spent at least one month at the MCCC. Dave's oldest friend in the world lives in nearby La Quinta, and we enjoy spending time with Mark & Debbie. Indio is also only a two hour drive from the home of our Only Child, The Lovely Lisa. We pay a premium price to "camp" here and would need to spend at least four months a year here to justify the $6000+ annual homeowners association dues (not to mention a restaurant food minimum, utilities and property taxes). Our bus has wheels and we like to travel - not stay in one place for months at a time. Still, it is always tempting to own a piece of RV Paradise, isn't it? Maybe when we are "older"? Time will tell on this decision, Dear Reader.

Putting green in front of the Club House at the Motorcoach Country Club

As we were enjoying cocktails outside in the waning sunshine, we had visitors.

He said his name was Jeremiah. We offered Jeremiah a bit of bread. He happily accepted our offering and introduced us to his wife, Daisy.

A lovely couple. Obviously down in SoCal for the Rose Bowl.

As the sun sets in Palm Springs, and Jeremiah and Daisy say goodnight, I send out good wishes to My Readers tonight.

Shabbat Shalom!

Until my next update from RV Paradise, I remain, your GO DUCKS correspondent.

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