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Los Angeles, California:  A beautiful sunny day in Los Angeles, but there was a bit of a chill in the air. We had another great breakfast at Fred62 in Los Feliz Village. The booths at Fred62 are filled with Hollywood hipsters and the servers wear black tee shirts with "clever" sayings such as "Rehab is for Quitters", "Recycle My Junk", "Friends Don't Let Friends Get Married" and of course, "Winning!!!". (Plus a few "tee shirt sayings" that I cannot print here on my some-what family-friendly website.) The walls at Fred62 are covered with black & white caricatures of old film stars, the food is delicious and the portions are massive.

We spent the day with Lenny & Lisa and Leo.

Dave, Lisa and Lenny did all sorts of chores around the house this afternoon. I cuddled with Leo. Los Angeles has enjoyed quite a bit of rain recently and the garden is looking so lush and green.

Lenny's Bird of Paradise are in full bloom. So pretty and exotic.

Lisa's Meyer Lemon tree is dripping with blossoms and fruit.

Leo is the cutest baby in the world and even though he seems to be teething, the Little Guy rallied in the afternoon and became less fussy and completely perfectly adorable.

Grandpa can really make Leo smile and coo. I can't remember exactly when babies do certain things, but I a fairly sure Leo is on the verge of laughing. It is going to happen any day now.

Our Girl served a gourmet meal this evening - grilled New York steak, roasted potatoes, garlicky sauteed Brussels sprouts and a tomato salad with blue cheese - and then we all settled-in to watch the Ducks beat the Washington Huskies.

Always a pleasant way to spend the evening - especially since Lenny built a roaring fire in their fireplace.

Baby Leo was dressed for the Duck game with his new webbed feet - courtesy of Laura. 

Until my next update, I remain, your victorious correspondent.