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Sunday, Lazy Sunday

Indio, California: I so enjoyed my Day of Rest yesterday. I even tracked-down Henry to his new shop - on the other side of the interstate! - and had a much-deserved pedicure. I feel like a new woman. Before leaving for my pampering, dinner was placed in the slow cooker.

Photo above is a crockpot chicken chili recipe I have been working on for the January 2014 RVGoddess Newsletter. Not only is it delicious, the easy spicy stew is low in calories, fat and cost - checking-off many boxes on the traditional New Year list - and perfect to jump-start the New Year. Don't forget to sign-up for the newsletter. It is free and occasionally interesting.

I was up early this morning to visit the La Quinta Farmers Market in Old Town La Quinta. Though really small, I can usually find either what I am looking for, or something to inspire a menu. Since we have been in Los Angeles most Sundays since returning to the desert, this morning was my first opportunity to visit the market. Here are a few photos of the sunny market:

I had been talking to my college friend, Dr. Lisa, about cornmeal pancakes, so decided to give it a go this morning. Dr. Lisa gave us a bag (an actual flour-sack-cloth-bag) of cornmeal milled from popping corn at a South Carolina Historic Site, Hagood Mill in Pickins. I really have been having fun using this unique cornmeal. This morning, I tried a simple Cornmeal Buttermilk Pancake recipe, from Bon Appetit magazine.

DT and I thought they had the same flavor and texture of cornbread and - dolt - the recipe has basically the same ingredients used in cornbread, so obviously...

I never claim to be smart.

We enjoyed our pancakes with butter only, no maple syrup, and turkey breakfast sausage links from Da-Le Ranch in Lake Elsinore, California... and fresh organic raspberries and strawberries. Don't you just love California in the "winter"?!

DT ran; I walked. We bought a few toys for the holiday toy drive sponsored by the RV resort and delivered them to the club house. (Just because we do not celebrate Christmas doesn't mean we are Scroogy to kids in need.)

Do you even want to see another gorgeous sunset?

Sunday is sometimes traditionally pizza night, so I made a simple yeasty dough (in the bread machine) and baked a plain cheese pizza. Our favorite pizza. Cousin Jim & Nancy left us with a bunch of grape tomatoes from their condo vacation, so I made a rich tomato sauce with garlic and oregano, topped it with cheese and baked the pie to perfection. Slivered basil was added after baking.

SLOGGER REPORT:  Five mile fast-walk. Middle of the month and I have covered 54 miles. Woot! 46 to go. Could it happen? Think good thoughts.


I mean it.

Think GOOD thoughts.

Until my next update, I remain, your corny carbo-loading correspondent.

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