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Friday the 13th

Indio, California: I guess we are not very superstitious, as we did nothing to prevent calamity this Friday the 13th, yet nothing bad happened around here.


Can't say the same for Lisa, who didn't get Leo to school on time as he refused to get dressed this morning. Leo wanted to run around naked. Oh, don't you just love those Terrible Two's? It's like Friday the 13th everyday with a toddler.

I was too excited for my Day of Rest tomorrow, so I covered seven miles - alternated running and walking between songs on my iPad - this morning. The weather was perfect and I exercised in a tee shirt. (Sorry to all you snowed-in people.) Seven miles is a really long distance for this old gal, but four of the miles were covered on dirt/sand trails - easier on my ancient knees.

I had a shopping errand on El Paseo (the Rodeo Drive of the Palm Springs area), so convinced My Driver to take me downtown to shop and to visit a new-to-us restaurant,Wolfgang Puck's Pizza Bar.

You really can't go wrong with any Wolfgang Puck property and we both really enjoyed our lunches. We went late, so the restaurant was very empty and quiet - though the patio was completely packed. We normally love dining outdoors, but in this case the patio dining was basically on the street and we thought it would be too noisy with traffic.

The restaurant has a bar and offers half-priced cocktails during Happy Hour... which seems to be basically all day. If I had a martini after exercising, I would have fallen asleep in our booth.

I ordered Chicken Paillard - a classic French dish (prepared in an Italian restaurant operated by an Austrian chef) of a chicken breast pounded very flat, quickly pan-fried and then topped with dressed greens. Puck adds "crispy potatoes", which we learned were baked red potatoes, smashed and dropped into a deep fat fryer. Good, but probably not to be consumed very often. DT had pasta with little dead non-Kosher crustaceans on top. So sad that neither of us ordered a pizza at a "pizza bar". We will probably go back - we both really enjoyed the restaurant.

The reason for our trip to the fancy shopping street was so I could visit the Coach store. I had a generous gift card and a coupon for 25% off... which means I now have a beautiful new evening bag for next-to-nothing!

The Madison Twist Wristlet is so cute and is eight-inches long, so it can hold my phone, pocket camera, reading glasses, a lipstick, keys and has slots for credit cards and ID. Perfect for a night out. This cute bag also comes in red.

DT and I spent a quiet Shabbat at home by the fire. My pedometer clicked over 20,000 steps!

SLOGGER REPORT: 7 tough miles. It took absolutely FOREVER, but I have now covered 49 miles this month and need ONLY 51 more to reach my goal. So very very very excited to have a day off tomorrow!

Until my next update, I remain, your Shabbat Shalom correspondent.

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