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It’s Been A While

Thursday | 24 September 2020 | Paris, France La Quinta, California: After a week exploring southern France with Tamra, Steve, Shirley & Martin, we (would) have returned to our original destination: Paris. Something Super Special planned for Saturday night. Something on My (super short) Bucket List. Something that isn't happening, due to COVID-19 anyway, but still... so sad.

Our life in La Quinta continues along the schedule of the school children. Some days are the same. Some days one child or the other has an extra class (music) or a class, or tutoring. We roll with whatever. Dave and I are still able to work-out when the kids start school and either return to the kitchen to prep a mid-morning snack, or have it ready-to-go before exiting the property.

I am still always ready with lunch at noon - and still let the even-or-odd birth-date child choose the menu. Ramen (home-made, people, not from a packet) is popular. Pizza. Tuna sandwiches. Leftovers, if I beg/cajole enough.

Today, I baked a pumpkin pie (requested by Leo) and chocolate chips cookies (requested by both kids... but Leo requested flakey sea salt on the cookies). Ramen for lunch. I used chicken stock for the soup, so made Lenny (a vegetarian) a tomato, basil, and cheese omelet for his lunch. This is just a normal day.

Nearly every afternoon, the kids can get in the pool for at least an hour. This is the best time. Leo and Lucy have improved their swimming skills 200% since arriving to our new house. Lucy has completely abandoned her water wings/floaties. She can now swim the width of the pool under water (100 times a day... and we have to clap and cheer after each lap).

Over the weekend, each kid completed a bird house kit. Lucy's was super easy and used screws. Leo's was super easy, but used nails. Every time Dave or Leo nailed-in a wall or floor or ceiling, another wall or floor or ceiling popped-off. Terrible design! Anyway, both kids have a bird house to install at their house in Los Angeles this spring... or whenever birds once-again begin breeding post-coronavirus.

The only other exciting event: Lisa rolled-up the carpet in the master bath and gave Leo and her dad hair cuts. Leo's hair was so long (see photos above), it was uncomfortable for him to bike and swim. He wanted a buzz-cut. Lisa kept cutting and Leo kept asking for a shorter cut:

Wow. Super short. Leo loved his new cut during his late afternoon swim! (DT is also looking quite stylish.)

As you can see, all is well here in La Quinta. We are all busy, happy, and most-of-all - HEALTHY!

Until my next update, I remain, your "hope the same is true with you" correspondent.

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  1. Thanks for the update. We too are safe and healthy and for one 65 year old and a 75 year old, that’s a good thing. We live in the mountains of Montana, 20+ miles from anything–we have a beautiful place in which to isolate.

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