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Strike On, Strike Off

Indio, California: The teachers union in Los Angeles public schools are planning to strike if their wishes for more teachers, smaller class sizes, and other contractual demands are not met. Leo and Lenny marched a few weeks in support of the LA Unified School District teachers.

Go, Leo!

I swear, I am beginning to think my 7-year-old grandson has been in more peaceful marches than me – and I went to college in the 70s! The staff and teachers at Leo’s school are sooooooo wonderful, I hope they get what they need. And soon. As of this very moment, the strike will not start until Monday, 14 January, if they do not settle.

The weather in Southern California has not been that great the past weeks. We have had some rain, temperatures in the 30s overnight, and temperatures only in the 60s during the day. Definitely not what we are used to and down-right frigid when the sun disappears behind the mountains each evening.

We had planned to meet the family in San Diego so Leo could finally see the hyenas that are now back on exhibit at the famed San Diego Zoo. But, with the strike hanging in the future, and more rain predicted over much of California, we have decided to wait a bit longer.

There is usually a glorious sunset to enjoy each evening, in front of the fire pit…

…and pretty hot air balloons reflecting on the canal in the mornings.

More pretty things? The BIG taco salad at Heirloom Craft Kitchen (Jefferson & 52nd), served with organic chicken, beef, or vegan Beyond Meat. (I had chicken.)

It was warm enough today to golf – at Eagle Falls (again).

I cried when I took this photo of Dave. How many times had I taken a photo of him at the first hole of a golf course to send to his Mom?

All the rain and cold weather leaves a teeny bit of snow on the surrounding mountain tops – always a beautiful vista.

Eagle Falls is in excellent shape – all the rain certainly helps – and to make sure I get good use of my green fee, I shot 134.

Don’t be jealous.

Until my next update, I remain, your swinging correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club