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Steve’s Big Day

Las Vegas, Nevada: The weather didn't change much overnight. But you know what?? I never really went outside all day. But in Las Vegas, it is really difficult to tell if you are indoors or outdoors most of the time and usually impossible to know if it is day or night.

For instance, above is a photo of "St. Mark's Square" in the Venetian Hotel at 11a on a rainy, cloudy day. It is always bright and cheerful in the Las Vegas version of "Venice"... even if the canals have been drained for cleaning:

Dave and I took over an hour to walk from our hotel room to Steve's party. I took a lot of photos of the Venetian and Palazzo Hotels along the way.

For some strange reason, the Venetian and Palazzo hotels (connected) are celebrating Carnival. Though I am not Catholic, I'm pretty sure Carnival/Mardi Gras is around Easter, so am confused about this because it is September. Still the decor is pretty.

Steve's birthday party was held at the Emeril Lagasse Stadium - Bar, Book & BAM in the Palazzo Hotel. It is a massive sports bar, restaurant and sports book on three levels.

Most patrons are seated in situations such as the one photographed above. Plush sofas, a zillion massive televisions and friendly servers attending to your every request.

But we were special! For Steve's 60th, Mary arranged for a private "sky box" for our own private tailgate party to watch Oregon v Virginia. The box included a large private living area with a 65-inch television, an outdoor covered patio - complete with pool table and several more televisions... which then continued on to an outdoor fountain overlooking Las Vegas Boulevard. No kidding. It was over-the-top.

The living area

Pool table on covered patio, and sunny deck/fountain beyond

There is no way Kathy and I are going to be able to top this for Woody or DT's 60th birthdays.

Mary brought several baby photos of Steve and placed banners around the room to celebrate His Big Day. A steady flow of tailgate foods keep arriving from the kitchen, along with buckets of beer.

#3 Chris and #1 Lynn enjoy their Dad's party

Cory (#4), Mary, Kathy, Lynn (#1) and Laura (wife of #3)

Steve & Mary's two youngest - Cory & Chris

Cory & #2 Kelly

Steve's family together for his 60th Birthday

Washington Redskin necklace

It was a great day and the Ducks won again, away - and again by a landslide. We had so much fun and will have such wonderful memories from this weekend... well, except for one little glitch:

Pick pocketed? Lost? Stolen? Mary no longer has a wallet.

Until my next update, I remain, your birthday correspondent.