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Stay Home Tuesday

La Quinta, California: The wind storm caused quite a mess in our neighborhood, but as I wrote yesterday, we did not lose power as so many east of us. Crews were out early cleaning up the streets - removing downed branches, fronds, and gathering all the fallen fruit.

Dave cleaned up our garden and back patio. Our pool guy arrives early Tuesday (and Friday), which saved Dave from having to remove pounds of wet bougainvillea blossoms floating in our swimming pool. Even with every door and window closed, I will be dusting for days: Life in the Desert.

But since Tuesday is my "stay home" day, I did my weekly ironing (cocktail & dinner napkins), organizing, and dusting, dusting, dusting. Then, I did some dusting.

Dinner was easy. Since we had steak Monday... and will eat corned beef Wednesday (of course), a vegetarian pasta night was on the menu. Using an old recipe from The New York Times, I tossed penne with ricotta, lemon (juice and zest), and parmesan. Just a few moments before the penne was finished cooking, a few asparagus spears (cut into one-inch pieces) were thrown in. Everything came together quickly.

Garnished with basil from our herb garden - also served a Caesar salad.

After exercising in the morning and cleaning/ironing all afternoon, bedtime came very early tonight.

The corned beef is going in the crockpot tomorrow - and we are going golfing.

Until my next update, I remain, your cheesy correspondent.