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While we were away this spring, a squatter took up residence at the Manor and made herself comfortable. After settling-in, she had at least one baby.

Now that she has reproduced, we can't, in good conscience, throw her out and must wait until her kids have left the nest.


Our squatter is a Flycatcher (probably a Hammond's or Dusky) and she built her nest on top of an outdoor speaker that is, unfortunately, situated under the eave directly over the door from the kitchen to the deck - a door we use many times every day.

We disturb the family every time we are on our deck, so try to keep our use to a minimum - while still keeping an always-busy bird bath on the deck rail filled with fresh cool water daily. It goes without saying, we are not listening to music outdoors either.

She is also leaving us quite a mess to clean up:

Thanks a lot!

I have no idea how many eggs she laid, but found half a shell on the deck under the mess nest the other day, so know they have hatched. The little squatter is a very good momma. She is in and out all day, quickly returning with insects/bugs/larvae for her brood.


The Jeep will be wired/plumbed for towing tomorrow - just can't wait to spend the day in the Camping World waiting room. Fun times!

Until my next update, I remain, your kind correspondent.