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Indio, California:  Just another perfect day in the desert. I guess I could have snapped a photo of our gorgeous view, but I am afraid of alienating My Readers in icy climes. May I suggest, if you have a RV, that you should point it west?

Our day was quite boring. We both worked in the morning and went on runs, but after my "chores" were concluded and I was ready to do something, My Driver continued pecking away at his keyboard. All day. All damn day. I hope America appreciates his work to help the USA send the best track team possible to the London Olympics, because I am pretty-much ready for this all to be over.

Finally, at five o'clock, I lied to DT and said we needed some milk. We did not need milk. We don't even drink milk. I just wanted him to close his laptop and venture out into the world. He brought me milk and a dozen yellow roses - my favorite flower. His day away from me was instantly forgiven.

And how did I reward his devotion? I served him a vegan dinner - butternut squash. Not many men would put-up with that.

We had one butternut squash left from Sister Gina's garden. Tonight I peeled the squash, cubed the flesh, and added slivered red onion and many garlic cloves. Then I tossed it all with olive oil, salt and pepper, and roasted the squash until it was cooked through and browned and crispy at the edges.

When the squash was cooked through (400°, about 35 minutes) I tossed the mixture with one tablespoon balsamic vinegar mixed with two tablespoons extra virgin olive oil.

The entire mess was served over a bed of arugula (because as you know, I think everything tastes better served over a bed of arugula). You could also use baby spinach. The greens wilt a bit with the heat of the roasted squash and everything blends together for a very delicious dinner. 

Especially if you are lucky enough to snag a whole clove of roasted garlic! Though olive oil is used in the recipe, this dish is very healthy, loaded with vitamins and will give you plenty of energy to run around the perimeter of your RV resort two times in the morning.

This is our view to the television from our dining table. Naughty and classless, we watched TV during dinner tonight. The Ducks beat Stanfurd in basketball tonight from the Matt Knight Arena in Eugene. Our housesitter (best job ever) used our tickets.

PS: Notice the new photo of the Cutest Baby Ever in the frame? I bought the frame and plan to switch-out the photo very often. Babies change overnight.

Until my next update, I remain, your high-fiber correspondent.

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