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Jamee & David

Indio, California:  A very beautiful day in the desert. The temperatures were in the low 80's... about as good as you are ever going to find in Indio in January. No wind. No clouds. Just. Perfect. Weather.

We worked. We ran. We shipped orders and then we went to lunch at Pho Vu - the great little Vietnamese noodle place in La Quinta. $7 for a larger-than-life never-ending bowl of noodles, beef, veggies in a rich broth.

I tried and I tried, but the bowl of soup just seemed to expand as fast as I could eat. Super delicious.

Pho Vu is just a little place in an unremarkable strip mall, but it has been packed every time we have visited. Super clean and the service is usually good... but today our service was not so great... but the soup was incredible!

After our trip to Los Angeles, I needed to restock our fridge, so we ran a few errands after lunch and then we had a relaxing afternoon in the shade of our motorhome.

Did I mention the weather is simply perfect?

Another perfect sunset.

Another hot air balloon floating over the resort.

Then we had visitors! We invited long-time Reader, David, and his lovely wife, Jamee for cocktails. Huge Oklahoma State Cowboy fans, they had been in Phoenix for the Fiesta Bowl this weekend (OSU beat Stanfurd) and decided to visit beautiful Indio for a few days before returning to the Oklahoma winter and their normal lives. Jamee and David are staying at the Motorcoach Country Club - just around the corner from us!

Is there a law that everyone from Oklahoma has to be super nice and super friendly? I feel the same about Oregonians... maybe why the four of us had such a fun evening?

See their motorhome just to the right of David's shoulder?

Such nice people. Can you believe they took us out to dinner? Thank you, Jamee & David! I could get used to this! Dear Readers, please stop by and take us out to dinner any time.

FYI: Baby Leo is rolling over like it's his job!

Until my next update, I remain, your well-fed correspondent.

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