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Spring Rolls, Owls and Soup

Portland, Oregon:  Lunch was super easy today as I only had to heat frozen egg/spring rolls.

They were vegan. Of course. Served with a local spicy-sweet dipping sauce and fruit. Dave was off to physical therapy and I was off to get a pedicure. It did not rain all day.

After we had gathered back to Taylor Manor and were settling-in for a cocktail and the evening news, I happened to look out the window to discover a Peeping Tom staring back at me:

Seriously. Straight eye level. I was seeking a few mixed nuts and I assume s/he was seeking a squirrel, or other such creature, as a snack.

Same Great Horned Owl, from a different window - and a different camera. We have seen two juvenile owls in the forest behind our house all summer and have often heard Momma calling to them. Our neighbors probably wish we would landscape or prune or tame the acreage behind our house, but we won't. The critters need a place to hide, hunt, drink (there is a creek behind our house), mate, sleep and thrive. Forest and field are being replaced every second with another housing development. We used to live "in the country" and now we are nearing suburbia.

We are still rural enough, we can't get a pizza delivered.

Soup Night has rolled around once again and I caved with a simple recipe (again super easy today, as I prepared the soup yesterday while prepping the sauce for the mushroom "brisket"). Just onion, garlic, broccoli, cooked-to-death in veggie stock, with one potato to act as the "cream" in this vegan version of Cream of Broccoli Soup. It wasn't great, but it was okay.

The soup was served with a tossed salad (red leaf lettuce, green pepper, cucumber and tomato) in a light balsamic dressing - and Kalamata Olive bread from New Seasons Market.

Another day of plant-based dining in the books.

Tomorrow we will observe Shabbat with a very special Rosh Hashanah menu, and I will be baking pita bread for the very first time... or maybe DT will be driving out last minute to purchase pita bread before dinner? Wish me luck!


Until my next update, I remain, your hoot-hoot correspondent.