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Spring Break: MCC 2019

Indio, California: Dave and I have been busy getting ready for the kid’s visit over Spring Break… because who doesn’t want to spend Spring Break with their parents?

We have been enjoying perfectly ripe tomatoes (it is summer in the Coachella Valley) as caprese salads.

In other exciting developments, the lot at the direct opposite (north) end of our canal is finally being built-out. The lot is one of the largest in the resort and the new owners are adding a pool, a casita and a “tropical jungle” of palm trees. A nursery has been digging/planting monster-sized male date palms over the past week.

Palms delivered

Installation requires a crane

We all spent this Monday morning working out – hitting the gym, riding bikes and/or swimming – before going to brunch/lunch at Shield’s Date Garden, where were seated at a table with our old friend, Jose, as our server.

Lucy at Shield’s Date Garden

Lucy (shoes usually on the wrong feet) and her brother, Leo

This afternoon was spent at the tennis court. With advice from Mary and Captain Jim, Dave and I had ordered super-small kid rackets for Lucy and Leo, and one adult racket… along with a dozen “low compression” tennis balls. Leo took to the sport fairly well. A lefty, Leo was playing mostly right-handed tennis. (He also putts right-handed, bats right-handed, yet throws with his left arm.) Lucy, 4, is still a bit young to have the hand-eye coordination skills, but have no doubt…

Before dinner, Leo wanted to make a “rap” video for my blog:

Coachella 2038 preview. Get your tickets now.

We went to “Mexican Monday” at the clubhouse for an early dinner. Leo and Lucy had a movie date with Haley and Emily, Mary and Captain Jim’s granddaughters from Portland, also at MCC for Spring Break. Before the movie started, the kids made s’mores on our fire pit:

Notice Leo’s shirt? Dave had them made for the entire family. Partly as a joke, partly for fun, but we will hopefully get a family photo before the week is over, or before melted marshmallows ruin our shirts.

Emily, Lucy, Leo and Haley chomping-down on their s’mores

What a fun night with family and friends!

Until my next update, I remain, your springy correspondent.