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Something New

Los Angeles, California: The warm weather continues in Southern California. Another 80-plus-degree January day. Quite lovely, if it weren't for that whole wild fire and drought situation.

Leo had school this morning (three mornings a week), so Lisa had time to run errands and I spent the morning in her kitchen making soup stock and boiling black beans for tacos. It is amazing how much can be accomplished without a toddler underfoot.

Though there is something new everyday with a two-year-old, last night Leo did something that both surprised and delighted me.

Since Day One, I have rocked him to sleep with Sing a Song of Six PenceRock-a-Bye Baby and that old Janis Joplin song - Oh, Lord, Won't You Buy Me a Mercedes-Benz. Don't ask me how this last song came into Leo's bedtime repertoire, but by the time I am on song #3, Leo is usually O U T.

Last night, he suddenly started singing along. I nearly fell out of the rocking chair.

To be honest, Leo kinda hummed most of the song (in perfect pitch, by the way), but would sing the last word of each line (BENZ, AMENDS, FRIENDS...). I started laughing so hard and so did Leo. He sang all three verses (Joplin asks for a Mercedes-Benz, a color TV and a Night on the Town). Leo knew the song!

Leo and I practiced several times today, so you will probably see us on the Tonight Show soon. Somewhere, Janis Joplin is laughing as well (with her fingers in her ears).

I went with Lisa to fetch Leo from preschool this afternoon, and the three of us drove to the hipster village of Silver Lake for pizza at Tomato Pie. I have written about this fabulous pizza before, as I am crazy for their "Mr. White" (garlic, olive oil and 3 cheese) pizza. I've tried nearly every (pork-free) version on their menu, which is easy to do as they offer all their pizzas by the slice. Today I tried their Syracuse-inspired chicken and buffalo sauce pizza.

I'm from the "chicken does not belong on pizza" school, but I may have to think outside the pizza box. Pretty sure DT needs a trip to Silver Lake for a slice of their Syracuse pizza.

Pizza Face

Leo face-timed with DT and his Mom in Salt Lake City this evening. We sang a little Janis Joplin for Great-Grandma and she was delighted at his little voice. Dave's Mom continues to work hard in physical therapy and Thursday can't come soon enough for her to return to her home in Wyoming.

I volunteered to put Leo to bed again this evening. I love rocking him to sleep and Lisa indulges me as they prefer to just put Leo down and let him fall asleep on his own. Leo was fighting sleep tonight like it was his job.

Look at me! I'm so cute! Don't you want to play with me, Bubbe? Sing one more song?

Shabbat Shalom!

Until my next update, I remain, your laryngitised correspondent.