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So It Begins…

Los Angeles, California: Our crazy six-day Love Fest begins! This afternoon we flew down to Los Angeles. Portland International Airport was crawling with Ducks in full regalia on their way to Dallas for The Big Game. We found these guys in the little bar at the Alaska Airlines terminal:

(Sorry, taken with iPhone)

These long-time friends/neighbors were getting more attention and paparazzi than Brad & Angelina on holiday. It is pretty rare to see anyone in LSU attire in Oregon.

Our two-hour flight was uneventful. We rented a car, checked into our hotel and were at Lisa's before Lenny came home from work. Our Dear Girl is suffering a bit from cabin fever. Since Leo's birth, 29 days ago, she has hardly been alone. Either her parents or Lenny's parents are constantly hovering helping. As soon as we arrived this afternoon, Lisa wanted to go for a walk. She placed Leo in his stroller/car seat thingy and we put Reese on a leash and hit the streets.

Leo & Reese

Our Grandsons - together in one photo!

Isn't Leo just so cute?

This is so incredibly inappropriate, but we walked to the neighborhood wine shop. (Baby did not know.)

We stayed in this evening. Lisa and DT grilled a flank steak and Lisa prepared her famous farro salad and she also roasted broccolini. We dined al fresco on their pretty patio.

Strawberries & whipped cream for dessert. A delicious meal.

The Little Guy was a bit fussy during dinner, but fell asleep after the meal, so we made a hasty get-away.

Leo has his 4-week check-up tomorrow morning and we are all guessing as to his weight. Maybe 8½ pounds already? Leo is filling-out quite dramatically since his 6-pound-6-ounce scrawny-self appeared on August 2nd!

We will spend tomorrow with our grandson, then fly out to Dallas Friday morning.

Until my next update, I remain, your Los Angeles correspondent.