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Our Weekend

Dear Reader, I have jet lag and have not left my time-zone. As you may/may not careknow, the World Track & Field Championships are being held this week in Korea. DT and I have attended the Championships since the 1980's, but decided to not go this time due to the impending birth of our grandchild. But we are still big track fans and do not want to miss a minute of the excitement - which is being broadcast LIVE over the internet on Universal Sports, then replayed to America on television during normal viewing hours... because Korea is 16 hours ahead of our time zone!

This means we are awake for three or four hours during the wee-hours of the morning watching Ashton Eaton throwing javelins, etc. I have actually been bringing a laptop into our bed - pretty romantic, eh? - and set my iPhone to wake us up to catch a certain event. We doze between races, which makes for a fairly pathetic sleep. We are tired. Foggy. Possibly grumpy.

Speaking of Mr. Eaton, he finished with a silver medal behind American Trey Hardee at the World Championships while you were sleeping. None of the decathletes had particularly good events. Few had personal bests. The heat and humidity took a big toll on the competitors. We are so proud of the future WGA! London will be his!

So, do you all remember, Before Leo (BL), when this little blog was about RVing? Remember when we used to drive around the country? Exploring caves? Eating chimichangas? Hiking the Tetons? Drinking from The Fountain of Youth? Our RV has been in it's cave for weeks now, so we decided to go see how the Magna Peregrinuswas holding up in our absence.

On our way we stopped at Camping World for a few supplies, and I found two totally sweet little folding chairs to keep in the back of my Honda for emergency picnics, etc. We have several of the umbrella-type folding chairs, but I have the hardest time getting out of that type of chair. (Is it just me?)

The chairs fold to the size of a briefcase and were on sale! However, the chairs is sized just-right for me, but not for My Tall Driver. Still, he thought the chair was comfortable enough.

The Magna Peregrinus was right where we left her. I don't think she was very happy though. DT checked everything on the outside and I checked everything on the outside. All was well.

Dark and closed-in, but well.

On our way home, we stopped at the REI sale, where I found a very cute pair of $45 Columbia Sportswear capri cargo pants for hiking on sale for $19.95! I was so excited, until they rang-up at $14.90 at check-out and I nearly jumped for joy.

No. Wait. I did jump for joy.

I spent the rest of the weekend trying to find the top of my desk, which is covered with stacks of papers and probably a few unpaid bills. Hopefully before we leave on our next trip, I will be caught-up.

That's the plan, anyway.

Lenny sent this photo of Leo this afternoon. Leo is ready for the football season:

The kid is predestined to be a Washington Redskin and Oregon Duck fan. His closet is already filled with the proper attire.

We have caught a few glimpses of the Great Horned Owl living in the forest behind our house and we have heard a baby owl squawking! This is very good news and could possibly be why I rarely see a squirrel anymore. Go, Momma Owl, go!

Possibly that huge sharp talon has something to do with the squirrel population decrease?

Speaking of critters...

This evening, DT summoned me out on the deck because he saw the momma raccoon enticing her babies up the old half-dead maple behind our house. It was completely dark and I simply could not focus - but my camera did. Using the flash, it caught one of the babies slowly scrambling up the tree, while his Mom watched from above. Dave said the mother raccoon carried another baby up, using her teeth in the scruff of his little neck. Cute little rodents.

Well, that's about all the excitement around here this weekend. I hope you all had a great weekend and stayed clear of the hurricane.

Until my next update, I remain, your weekend correspondent.