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Hanging with Leo

Los Angeles, California: While you were all sleeping, DT and I were awake at 4 o'clock in the morning watching the World Track & Field Championships from Korea on the internet. Oregon Track Club's Jesse Williams won a gold medal in the high jump, and not only did Matt Centrowitz, Jr. make it into the final race - he WON HIS HEAT! Way to go, college boy, against the best in the world! My buttons were positively bursting with pride. Matt said when he phoned his Mom, she was crying with happiness. Isn't track & field just the best sport ever?

Please forgive me that emotional outburst, as we embark on a weekend in Texas for college football.


Early this morning, Lenny & Lisa took Leo to the pediatrician for his one month check-up. Everything is looking perfect for the Little Guy - which we will soon have to refer to as the Big Guy - as his bare-naked weight is already 8 pounds, 11 ounces! Great news!

We had a fun day with Lisa and Leo (Lenny was at work). Perfect weather as well. This morning we put Leo in his stroller and walked to a neighborhood cafe for brunch.

Lisa and I had "BLAT" sandwich, made with (turkey) bacon, lettuce, avocado and tomato on La Brea Bakery bread. Really delicious, and so "Californian". One of my favorite sandwiches at home... even more enjoyable as someone made it for me.

After lunch, we walked back to Lisa's house and did a few chores. And by chores, I mean playing, rocking and cooing over Leo. DT did a few handyman tasks for Lisa & Lenny. So many gifts have been arriving, their recycling (cardboard boxes) bin is out of control. There was a 4.3 earthquake reported this afternoon, but we did not feel the trembler.

Our Little Grandson was quite busy today. He did not want to sleep. He may have been a little fussy. As I was pacing with a crying Leo this afternoon, I noticed a shiny new Mercedes parked on the street - with dealer plates. For some reason, I began channeling Janis Joplin and started singing, "Oh Lord, won't you buy me a Mercedes-Benz..." Dang, if the Little Guy didn't go right to sleep!

When Lenn arrived home after a tough day at the office, we loaded Leo and all his paraphernalia into the car and went to Barbrix for dinner. This Silver Lake establishment is owned by family friends and we dine here quite often. (Barbrix catered Leo's bris.) Tonight we dined outside on the patio and Leo slept most of the time. Barbrix is a "small plates" establishment, which is quite fun. Four people can order ten things - and get a bite of a wide variety of the restaurant menu.

After dinner, we snapped a few photos.

I'm so cute

Lisa with her boys

Lisa and Leo with The T's

Lenn with his son

DT and I completed a very well choreographed luggage exchange this evening. We left most of our luggage/clothing at Lisa's and have reduced our baggage for (two nights in) Dallas into carry-on-only sizes. Our flight leaves from Burbank International at 7a. Not a problem, as we will be awake at 4:25a to watch Lauren Fleshman in the women's 5000m final from Korea anyway.

Between traveling, baby-rocking and Korean track-meeting - we do not sleep.

I wouldn't have it any other way.

Until my next update, I remain, your Sleepless in Los Angeles correspondent.