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Side Tracked

Track Town, USA:  I had several appointments this afternoon, but had to cancel everything when DT asked me to drive to Eugene to fix a few technical computer issues that he could not handle himself. Just a couple of phone calls, and one skipped workout later, I was in The Eug. Three minutes later the repair was complete.

That was fun.

I even brought Dave dinner, but he wanted to go out for dinner tonight, and eat the home cooking when he is alone in the Magna Peregrinus tomorrow night. On our way to the restaurant for dinner, Dave took me to Historic Hayward Field to see the transformation - only one week until The Best Meet Ever.

And please notice - ta da - blue skies!

The largest supporter of USA Track & Field and the Olympic trials, NIKE, are constructing three temporary buildings in the fan festival area adjacent to the track. DT refers to the three arcing structures as the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria.

Some pretty space-age stuff is going-down in The Eug... that is for sure. Attendees will not be disappointed at the activities and entertainment planned outside the track.

I can't even believe this is normally a soccer field! Between the end of the right white wall and the beginning of the back end of the bleachers will be a massive "big screen" where fans can watch the action LIVE from the track. No ticket required. Anyone can watch. Free!

Fans will be able to enjoy food (local, Oregon), wine (local, Oregon) and a beer (local, Oregon) garden, work-out on exercise machines that will produce electricity used to power the event, let their kids try the long jump, high jump or a sprint on kid-sized equipment or just watch the races live on the big screen. After the races each evening, fans can enjoy live music. So much will be happening in the Fan Festival, I hope people won't forget there is a track meet happening.

Y'all know I won't!

Until my next update, I remain, your Track Town 12 correspondent.