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Back at the Ranch

DT headed off to meetings this morning and I drove back to Portland. This is usually a two-hour drive on Interstate 5... unless you are driving behind a string of cars stuck behind someone in a red mini-van driving the speed limit in the left lane. Seriously? Come on, peeps! If six cars pass you on the right, this is surely a sign to MOVE ON OVER.

Driving is so stressful and so tiring and I am so blind. I feel bad for My Driver who travels up and down I-5 all week, countless times. But I do not feel so bad that I have not threatened him if he does not return home before 8 o'clock Friday to observe Shabbat.

Did you hear that, DT?

I joke, but we communicate more these days via internet, email and text messages than in person or phone. He phones me very late each evening to say goodnight. So sad. Just a few more weeks and DT will be returned to me. I hope he recognizes me.

After days of clouds and rain, Mother Nature answered my open letter and provided the Willamette Valley with glorious sunshine.

Thank you, Mother Nature - with love from Oregon berry, grape and cherry growers and track fans across America. Keep it up, Sister!

When I arrived home today, the temperatures were in the high 60's. I opened the entire house and let the sun - and fresh air - inside. What a wonderful feeling to have the house opened up. It has been too long.

What I normally refer to as "our field" at this time of year, today will call it a "meadow". Filled with poppies, daisies, lupines poison oak and clover, our field is just glorious. Except for that whole poison oak part.

The lavender has not yet opened, but has made huge progress in the past two days. Bees are interested.

And check-out the action in the hydrangea department.

It has been quite a while since I have posted an update on our Casita build-out in Indio, California at the Motorcoach Country Club. About seven weeks into the construction, things are slowing down as now our contractor has to wait for inspections from the county.

This is the pocket door from the casita "living" area to the bathroom. Arnold has chosen the door and cabinet style for me us, with only a hint of direction. As I have said many times before, Arnold has much better taste than we do. The door will be stained quite dark.

Unless Arnold decides to stain it light.


Several days ago, Arnold sent this photo of our casita and pavilion covered in some sort of metal mesh that would hold the stucco and brick.

Then today, he sent this photo with the metal mesh coated in stucco. Roof tiles have been delivered! The little half-wall alcove will hold DT's grill. (A dude must have a grill.) I also noticed from this photo our neighbor has finally moved his bus. With temperatures well over 100 degrees every day, I suspect most RV's have abandoned the Motorcoach Country Club.

A perfectly maintained ghost town.

Busy day tomorrow, exercising, cramming-in all the appointments I abandoned to pop-down to Eugene overnight... and then there is something about a chicken that needs to be prepared for My Driver.

PS: DT was mentioned in The Oregonian today.

Until my next update, I remain, your northerly correspondent.