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Open Letter to Mother Nature

"Dear Mother Nature: It is June.
The US Olympic Track & Field Trials begin in just a few days.
Please inform your Weather Department.
Thank you ever so much."

Your biggest fan,
Terry Taylor

Come on, Mother Nature... the Great State of Oregon is a soggy mess. The athletes need sunshine. NBC needs sunshine. Bring it on!

This black sky is just not something you want to see in the middle of June. A closed poppy at 4 o'clock in the afternoon is a very sad sight. No bees on the lavendar?

Super sad? No one rocking on the front porch. Too cold. I wore a turtleneck sweater today.

black turtleneck sweater.

If we were here, we would be drinking coffee, not lemonade.

Oregon agriculture is sorely suffering due to all the rain. The cherry crop could be a complete loss, and now is the time for the glorious Hood strawberries to be at their peak. This berry is one of the oldest strawberry varieties grown in the Pacific Northwest. Hoods ripen in June, are difficult to grow and they have a very short season - but my oh my - are they super juicy, sweet and red throughout.

Hood strawberries have a very distinctive smooth and shiny crown leading to the stem.

Though the berries are looking a little small and "bruised" this year due to all the rain, they are as red and sweet as ever.

Let's hope Mother Nature reads RVGoddess.com! Until my next update, I remain, your confident correspondent.