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Sherman’s Deli

Indio, California:  We are back in Indio, after a long weekend in Los Angeles. Since we were unable to enjoy our annual corned beef last week, it was decided to have a late lunch with our annual visit to Sherman's Deli & Bakery in Palm Desert. This establishment calls itself a Jewish Style restaurant... with a lot of emphasis on style, because it is definitely not Kosher to eat a cheeseburger, especially if the cheeseburger includes bacon... but you can order said burger at Sherman's, along with a bowl of matzo ball soup and gefilte fish. Whatever.

While I feel a Reuben sandwich is only a Reuben sandwich if made with pastrami, I threw propriety aside and ordered my sandwich with corned beef as a few-days-late homage to St. Patrick. The above photo shows only half of the monster my sandwich. The portions are ridiculous at Sherman's, but serving such a tall sandwich turns finger food into knife+fork food, allowing me to not eat the bread at all. I have no idea about the chips. Did not eat. The other half of the sandwich came home with us - lunch for tomorrow.

My Driver went for a cold pastrami sandwich. Three slices of bread, stacked to the ceiling. Dave's sandwich came with potato salad. The potato salad at Sherman's is very, very good. Most of Dave's lunch came home with us as well.

Speaking of My Driver... Dave had a second follow-up appointment with his knee surgeon this morning. Remarkably smooth rehab in the month since his meniscus tear was repaired. Though not quite ready to jog, Dave no longer uses a cane, nor a brace, nor a sleeve! I can't even find the two little incisions on his knee. He is riding his bicycle for one hour every day. 

After the food bombs we devoured at lunch, there was no dinner for us, save this bowl of popcorn donated by Colleen & Rick.

Colleen said this variety is called "mushroom" because it pops up so large and so round. This shape of popped corn is popular for use in caramel corn. Amish Country Mushroom Popcorn is available at Amazon. Thank you for dinner, Colleen and Rick.

Speaking of Colleen and Rick... they are leaving tomorrow. Heading back to Alberta for the "summer", though their house is presently covered in snow. The reason for their early departure is a good one - a new grandbaby due soon!

Until my next update, I remain, your well-fed correspondent.

RV PARK:  The Motorcoach Country Club