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Gitty Up + Glamor

Los Angeles, California:  The day starts early when a two-year-old is involved. Everyone is up early on Saturday around this house anyway, due to ballet class for Lucy and piano lessons for Leo. Lisa left early herself - today was the final day to set-up the event space for the fundraiser this evening.

After classes, Dave, Lenny and I took the kids to ride the ponies.

Lucy remains on the slow-as-molasses little ponies, but Leo has moved up to the "medium" ponies. The attendants let the "medium" ponies trot a bit. Please note something new - Griffith Park is super green and lush from all the rain. Beautiful!

What is the perfect treat on a hot sunny Saturday afternoon? You don't have to ask our grandchildren twice.

Lucy is smart enough to know an ice cream shop will always have ice cream! 

Lisa and Lenny worked to set up the auction items at the event venue all afternoon. I cut dozens and dozens and dozens and dozens of lemons and limes for the auction bar.

Several forts were constructed at the house. Lego ships were built. Leo wrote two books. Lucy moved every plastic critter into every school lunchbox and hid them around the house. I hope Lisa and Lenny can find them all.

Lisa and Lenny came home only to dress for the "Old Hollywood" themed fundraiser.

Ready for the Red Carpet: Lisa in vintage Halston - and a lot of my mother's jewelry;
Lenny in suspenders and a bow tie.

What do babysitters do as soon as the parents leave? Order-in a ton of sushi and party!

Another wonderful day with the kids!

Until my next update, I remain, your too-tired-to-tango correspondent.