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She Went to Paris

Paris, France:  Excuse my tacky Jimmy Buffett song lyric title... but this morning DT and I checked out of our London hotel, Ubered to St. Pancras station, boarded the Eurostar train and went to France via the Chunnel.

It is only 2+ hours from London to Paris. They fed us lunch (Quiche. Obviously, we were going to France) and gave us teeny bottles of rose.

Within just a few moments from arrival, we were in a car to our Paris hotel, checked-in and in our room. Then we looked out the window:

Yes. This room will do just fine, merci.

Not to mention, we have Joan of Arc protecting us from below our window:

After a rest, we walked down the street to a cafe Tamra and Steve had recommended, Flottes, and enjoyed a very nice meal.

Crispy goat cheese on salad

During the summer, there is a carnival set up in the Tuileries Garden, so we walked back to our hotel through the festival and I snapped a lot of photos. No explanation needed:

And then we were back to our hotel.

Until my next update, I remain, your Parisian correspondent.

My review of our Paris Hotel: The Regina

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