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Portland, Oregon: We had been home six days before finally going to Tacos Gonzalez Cafe Yumm! for a Hot n’ Jazzy bowl (with tofu).

Now I feel better

Since arriving Friday, much of our time has been devoted to re-situating our belongings. Because we had two bathrooms (the master and the guest room) completely remodeled while we were away, meaning everything had to be replaced before we could bring our toiletries and clothing into our bathroom and closets. We are not the hoarder-types, so there wasn’t too much shizz to return to the bathroom, but it did add to the usual ten minutes it takes us reclaim our master bath after being away for the winter.

What a pleasure to have a new bathroom! We built this house in 1994 and the master bath had not been touched since. True, we don’t spend much time at this house, so technically the bath was not used 25 years… and though there wasn’t so much as a chip in the tile… man, did the bath seem dated.

Old (on the right)

New (on the left)

There are two identical vanities in the master bath and we are really enjoying the newer version. Everything has been updated – new shower tile (ceramic – beige with accented niches), new shower heads, glass door on shower, new counter tops (solid surface quartz), new sinks, faucets, lights, mirrors, towel bars, toilet, and new paint. We kept the original cabinets (all the woodwork/cabinetry in the house is painted white). New carpet was installed in the master bedroom and master closets.

It was like one of those HGTV remodeling show reveals, especially as we couldn’t even recall everything we had chosen for the contractor to install. (I promise: neither of us shouted OH MY GAWD OH MY GAWD OH MY GAWD when we first saw our new bathrooms, nor did we cover our mouths with our hands. Why does everyone do that on television?) We just love our new spaces.

Lisa’s bath was completely remodeled (in marble) after she was married, and the blue powder bath only received a new toilet, faucets, light and mirror. This room didn’t need much of a face lift.

No new counter top in the powder room, because that would require breaking this sink.

Long-time Readers may recall our guest suite has a little theme going-on:

It’s called the “Tiger Room” for a reason.



New shower

Dave chose the travertine tile and fixtures for the Tiger Bath en suite. He did a great job, incorporating a little black to match with the bedroom carpet. We kept the original cabinet and mirror, but added a tiled shower, new glass shower door, toilet, black faucets & fixtures, solid-service counter top, and light. We used the same sink in the master and Tiger Room baths.

Now that we are living with our new bathrooms, we are so pleased and wonder why we waited so long to update these rooms.

Oh, that’s right. We are never here.

Until my next update, I remain, your remodeled correspondent.

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