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Saturday with Leo

Los Angeles, California: I must digress a bit from baby-stuff to report on our restless night at the W Hollywood Hotel. (OMG. Do not stay here if you are over 30 years old.) We stay here (quite often) because it is the closest hotel to Lisa & Lenny's house, but this establishment is really just a huge bar/disco with a hotel attached. And it is getting worse with every visit. Seriously, hookers are in the lobby and this hotel averages $400 per night. (Granted, the hookers are the $1000 per night variety.)

Around 3 o'clock this morning, someone knocked on our hotel room door. We woke up and looked through the peep-hole. I saw a pretty young blonde thing outside in the hall and promptly told her she probably had the wrong room. Go away. She continued to knock for 10 minutes! TEN MINUTES! Finally, I cracked the door open and told her - WRONG ROOM! She left. It is impossible to reach a floor in this hotel without using a room key to access the elevator, so I am not sure what was up with this chick cruising our floor. I spoke to the hotel manager, but he didn't seem too concerned. A guy in the fitness center told DT that girls will stagger out of the disco at 3 o'clock in the morning and start knocking on doors to find a place to crash. Seriously? W Hotel? It's called security. Get some.

W Hotel Motor Court

Today was a bit more relaxing with the baby. Things are a bit more organized and Leo is very easy-going. He seems to thrive on a noisy household. Leo does not flinch when Reese barks, when the door bell or a phone rings. Lisa is feeling stronger every day and the breastfeeding is working out just as Mother Nature planned.

Of course, Lisa is nursing the most beautiful baby in Los Angeles. I am fairly sure a few agents will be knocking on the door this week.

We finally finished the laundry. Leo's clothing is organized according to size in collapsible bins. The kid goes through an amazing amount of clothing, blankets and diapers every day. Occasionally, he is left in his bassinet, but usually one of us is holding him.

Gorgeous flowers continue to appear at the door.

Roses from Angela's family in Greece.

Gorgeous arrangement from friends.

A very happy and very tired Lenny, holding his son.

One of the few moments Lisa was not holding Leo today. Happy lady.

Cutest. Baby. Ever.

After the laundry was finally finished, errands were over, Reese was walked and Leo took a nap, we had a nice pasta meal (Grandma prepared!). I filmed Leo this afternoon stretching and filmed him again with Lisa after dinner. Before I hear from y'all, Little Leo nearly always wears little mitts over his hands so he does not scratch his face, but for a few moments today he was set free!

Two minutes of Leo (available in HD):

Don't you just love his "Power to the People" poses??... and obviously a few times Leo is worried about the stock market... 

Until my next update, I remain, your happy correspondent.