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Los Angeles, California: We have experienced a busy two days as Grandparents to the Most Precious Boy Ever. We have driven all over the Greater Los Angeles Area on errands. There is actually a shop in Hollywood completely devoted to breast feeding. Dave and I have been there. Who knew? Yesterday, DT and I also visited the IKEA in Burbank. On Sunday. That alone should give us some sort of extra Grandparenting points. We are just new to these shopping areas, traffic patterns, parking situations and masses of people-in-general. We are simple country folk. RV people. We do not fit-in well with Big City Stuff.

Leo on Lenny's lap

But on Sunday, Our Grandson was most interested in everything and anything. He was so alert and awake. He nursed like crazy, but when he wasn't nursing, he wanted to see what was going on.

I made soft-shelled chicken tacos for dinner, as that is what the New Mother requested... but as soon as the dishwasher was started after dinner, DT and I went back to the hotel and slept for 10 glorious hours. We are fairly sure this is the longest we have slept in years.


Here is a little video of Little Leo squirming on Sunday. He was most concerned with the stock market, the Mariners and other vital issues of the day:

Today (Monday) was a big day for Leo. One week old, he went to his pediatrician for the first time this morning. You will all be surprised to learn, Leo is perfect and is gaining weight. The doctor is so close to the house, Lisa & Lenny were able to walk to his office! Isn't that wonderful?!

After his first pediatrician appointment, Leo was subjected to his first photo shoot! A professional photographer was at the house to record his first week. Leo was subjected to nude scenes, and assorted other poses which we will learn about when the proofs come in. 

By the time DT and I arrived to the house (after our 10 hours of sleep), Leo was exhausted!

Then Uncle Eli arrived from London. Eli is Lenny's little brother. Eli admits to never holding an infant - yet he was quite relaxed with his first nephew.

Eli with Leo

Eli with Leo

Eli looks pretty relaxed to me.

During this photo: I was snapping photos of Eli and Leo. The professional photographer was snapping photos of Eli and Leo. Lenny was snapping photos of Eli with Leo. I thought a photo of Lisa snapping a photo of three people taking photos of Eli and Leo would be appropriate.

Doesn't the New Momma look fabulous?

Eli with Leo

The afternoon was spent running errands to prepare for the the bris tomorrow. Lenn's parents and extended family will arrive tomorrow for the ceremony, which will be performed at the house late afternoon. DT worked this afternoon getting the garden looking perfect and I baked Challah. I told Lisa we could buy Challah for the bris and Lisa told me I could bake Challah for the bris. I suggested Challah could be purchased at numerous Kosher bakeries in her neighborhood, but Lisa suggested I could bake Challah for the bris.

I baked Challah for my grandson's bris.

Until my next update, I remain, your submissive correspondent.