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RV Repairs

La Quinta, California: When we moved our bus from our (sold) lot at the Motorcoach Country Club to a rented storage garage at Luxtor, the inverter decided to stop working. Yes, it was 12 years old and had only needed one relay switch replaced during those twelve years, but why it decided to die on the eight mile trip to the storage place is a mystery.

Our tech, Brian Van De Walker, was flying south to help several clients, so he made a stop in Palm Springs to replace the inverter. Dave and I can't recommend Brian enough - especially if you have a Country Coach - for advice and repairs. The man is a savant.

First problem was finding an inverter to purchase. Like most RV parts - hello, roof-top air conditioners - inverters are few and far between. We ended up getting it on amazon and it was delivered in two days from a marine-supply place. It weighed 73 pounds. Too bad you didn't get to watch Dave and I lift that thing into the back of our car!

3000 watt inverter

Since moving the bus, My Poor Driver had to go to the storage facility every day or two, pull the bus out of the garage bay, start the engine and hang around for 30 minutes or so, just to keep the house batteries charged. Fun times!

The old inverter is removed

After first trouble-shooting to confirm his over-the-phone diagnosis, Dr. Brian set-up a work station and quickly removed the old inverter, replacing it with the new. Later, he set his laptop on the green "desk" and downloaded updated software for the new inverter. Problem solved!

The new

As long as he was in town, Brian checked-off a few more tasks on Dave's to-do list. We went to lunch, then Dave deposited Brian to the airport - off to his next client.

Now, if we can only make a decision on what to do about the two track meets we were planning to attend in Eugene next month. We have RV park reservations, but it is yet to be determined if fans will be allowed in the stadium. Lane County is having a surge in COVID cases.

Now for some other stuff: Ali and Rick brought us a bag of goodies as housewarming/hostess gifts. One of the items was this funny kitchen towel:

Ain't it the truth?

I had planned to make chicken enchiladas for Cinco de Mayo (using a rotisserie chicken), but after a long day in the heat with Brian, opted for cooler and much-easier Chicken Tostadas:

And... I know I recently posted a photo of our ripening Roma tomatoes, but look at what is going on just a few days later:

That's all the news from La Q. Until my next update, I remain, your fully-charged correspondent

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