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La Quinta, California: Who knew how popular we would become only by purchasing a home with a swimming pool? Just kidding, I think... but with most everyone we know becoming vaccinated, we need to install a revolving door. We love seeing everyone again!

Some visitors are coming to say goodbye. Mary and Captain Jim came for dinner the other night, just before pointing their motorhome north for the summer. We were only able to see them a very few times during this pandemic, but we enjoyed every moment.

Did I take a photo of them? No, but they took a photo of us.

We served flank steak with a kalamata salsa - and potatoes roasted in duck fat.

Other visitors are coming to say hello - and to introduce us to a new family member! Our niece, Meghan (daughter of Dave's eldest brother, Bill) and her husband had a baby boy during the pandemic, so we had not met Ian. Meghan and John made a road trip from their home in Sacramento to see family before her maternity leave ends. First stop: Los Angeles to see The Four L's:

Yeah, I am totally prejudiced, but this family makes pretty babies. Ian is 7 months old.

After a few days in Los Angeles, Meghan and John came to spend four days with us. Ian just loved the pool (I heated it to 90 degrees) and we paraded him all around the neighborhood in his stroller, lunched on the (empty) patio at the clubhouse, and generally enjoyed our time with the baby and his parents. Ian is so good natured and sleeps 11 hours straight each night.

Ian liked me well-enough, but he was crazy for Dave. Maybe because Dave resembles Ian's grandpa? Or maybe because every single baby in the world is crazy for Dave?

RV UPDATE: The repair shop at our storage facility has been checking-off the items Brian was not able to address in one day... mostly because parts needed to be ordered. We now have dash air. Again, it needed Freon, and again, there were no detectable leaks. Whatever. Also, we now have three working rooftop air conditioning units, and the part to fix a wonky slide-room cover awning has arrived. Now if only we had somewhere to go... or maybe we can just remain here and keep that revolving door spinning?

Until my next update, I remain, your happy correspondent.

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  1. All good news. I cancelled my new ac order last year after waiting several months. Mine still work so I’ll replace them next year when things are in stock.

  2. Dinner was so much fun!
    Thanks again
    The flank steak was tender and flavorful, please send me the recipe for the rub/ marinade

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