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RV Falafel

Portland, Oregon:  My Monday was put off-schedule with the arrival of the window washer and DT's physical therapy appointment... so I had to remain at home all morning. Large and in charge.

Of course, just moments after the window washer had finished with the kitchen skylights - wouldn't you know it - rain.

I busied myself - baking bread, preparing RV Falafel and making tzatziki sauce - trying to stay out of the way of the window washer, and didn't get out to do my grocery run until 3p. Dave drove me to the store - wanting to walk around a bit after his tough PT session. DT in the market with me is such a rare occurrence, our friendly checker had to inquire about the identity of the stranger unloading the cart onto the conveyer belt.

Tzatziki is a lot better when made with dairy yoghurt, rather than a vegan (soy, in this case) yoghurt. Just saying.

The recipe is called "RV Falafel" because it can be made in one bowl without the need of electric appliances. It only requires a potato masher (or a fork) to break-up a can of garbanzo beans. Lemon juice, diced onion, parsley, a little flour and spices are all that is required. The dough needs to set in the refrigerator for at least two hours before forming into patties, then fried in a skillet. Perfect camping food too - the dough can be made, popped-into a ziptop bag in the cooler, and fried after camp is set up.

Kids love falafel, and don't even to eat them stuffed into a pita with a cucumber-yoghurt sauce. Left-over patties are very lunchbox friendly.

With the pita bread, falafel and "yoghurt" sauce, the only other item served tonight was a plate of sliced oranges.

Check out my RV Falafel recipe page - there are a lot of really pretty photos (of falafel) there.


Until my next update, I remain, your missing-dairy correspondent.