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We skipped-out on the last day of the track meet and came home. We just have not spent enough time at home and there is so much work to do around here... not to mention our entire house is in the process of having the old siding removed and new siding installed. The workers keep 1) setting off the burglar alarm and 2) tripping circuit breakers. 

Thank goodness we arrived home a day early as the breaker for our fridge had been tripped. If we had arrived home much later, it could have been a very sad story. Happily, we arrived within hours of the blackout, as even the ice in the bin was still frozen. Whew.

And, yes, the porta-potty is still in the front yard.

We are so classy.

Since Dustin was staying with us, we spent the day with him and then invited Olympician Matthew Centrowitz, Jr. and ex-Duck 800m phenom Laura Roesler to dinner so the kids could catch-up. (Pay attention here... Matt's dad ran with DT in college, so we have known the Centrowitz family for years... Matt's Dad is the track coach at American University... Dustin ran for Matt Senior at American... Matt Jr and Laura are dating.)

Everyone following along?

We served goat cheese on grilled bread, topped with figs and walnuts... and other assorted tidbits.

Delicious and easy.

Steak Frites (in a red wine/balsamic reduction) was on the menu... along with greens (and cherries!) tossed in olive oil.

Laura & Matthew


I don't suppose I have to tell you about the dinner conversation. We talked about running. Then we talked about running. We talked about running for a while and then we had almond cake with fresh berries... and then we finished up talking about running.

Best. Night. Ever.

FYI: Laura Roesler is in a heated competition (her accomplishments are listed here) for the Bowerman Award. I voted for Laura today - don't forget to vote!

Until my next update, I remain, your happy correspondent.