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Project Update

We are a full two-weeks into the re-siding project on our twenty-plus-year-old house. The crew are fantastic - easy-going, friendly, skilled and expert at problem-solving.

And we have a few problems.

Our favorite problem is a carpenter ant nest. We knew it was there (somewhere!) and had been paying quite a bit of cash to have the problem eradicated... but obviously the hippy stuff we had ordered did not work on these carpenter ants. Ourcarpenter ants needed a nuclear bomb. Our carpenter ants are total jerks and deserve to die a slow and painful death.

And why, exactly, are they called "carpenter" ants when all they do is destroy wood? I propose a world-wide re-naming campaign to rebrand the species as "sawdust" ants. Anyone want to join my crusade?

All the wood in the "infected area" will be replaced. A thermonuclear device will be deployed and the ants will be history in our 'hood.

Mother Nature retaliated from our bleach-water spray attack: a Queen Ant (with wings!) bit me yesterday.

Bitch. Be. Dead. Now.

Our house is slowly being re-covered in baby-poop-yellow Hardie Plank.

Re-siding this home is a massive under-taking and should not be needed again until we have both been seen by an undertaker.

Pun intended.

As soon as the re-siding project is finished, the painters will arrive and paint the house "off-white".

Siding is replaced from the bottom-to-the-top. The Tyvek paper is being swapped to another (better, newer) barrier film. New exterior lamps will arrive this week.

We are a mess, but everything is coming-together well and the job should be finished within a week.

Good thing. A certain Little Boy is turning three on Saturday.

ANOTHER UPDATE: After eating steak at our house Monday, Dustin and Matthew ran ten miles in one hour Tuesday. This is not a typo. They ran ten six-minute miles. Back-to-back.

Until my next update, I remain, your lethal correspondent.