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Round Two

Indio, California: I suppose we deserve this spurt of terrible weather, since I recently bragged about this being the nicest weather we have ever experienced while wintering in Indio. The past few days have been windy and a thick layer gritty sand covered everything.

The winds were especially strong last evening - gusts to 30mph - so we hunkered down inside our motorhome to watch the NCAA basketball tournament and I scrounged around the pantry and fridge and came up with a tub of ricotta, a few shallots, some asparagus and a few other random things that quickly became a baked pasta dish. Wow, was it ever delicious.

Mac & Cheese for adults.

After all the wind last night (I was getting a little sea sick in the motorhome), we woke to clear skies and barely a breeze. After exercising, we knew this sand-removal job was going to be require the hose. All the furniture was hauled outside the covered pavilion and everything was hosed-off, scrubbed and wiped down.

My Runner even hosed-off the drop-down screens. You can't even image how much dirt the huge screens held. Disgusting.

We basically looked like the Clampett's all afternoon.

After the tile floor was hosed down and the furniture was hosed down and we had beaten the cushions with a broomstick, Dave went off to a meeting and I went into the motorhome kitchen to bake a loaf of chocolate banana bread. All the food bloggers are baking chocolate banana bread like it's their job (oops, it is their job), but none of the recipe have buttermilk and y'all know I think buttermilk belongs in just about every cake. I made a loaf last month for Leo and he gobbled it up, but wanted to try it again.

Not bad.

By the time Dave returned from his meetings, everything had dried and was put back in place. Seriously, Mother Nature, we need to have a talk.

Then Dave pulled the golf cart around to the sloping lawn in front of the RV, which helps for the water to roll off the golf cart as he hoses it off. Smart man.

Okay, Leo, your golf caaaar is ready to roll.

I am exhausted, and am going to sit myself down on my tidy sofa and watch college hoops all night. Shabbat Shalom, from my motorhome.

Until my next update, I remain, your pristine correspondent.

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