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Resort Bound

Indio, California: The column I wrote two days ago entitled Seven Things That Bother Me at Restaurants received more reader comments than any column ever. Sometimes this little website is more of a food blog than a RV travel blog. Sorry about that - but we RVers really love to eat!

I have to tell you the reason I wrote the restaurant column. Last week we were at a (unnamed!) restaurant and the server came to take my (finished) salad plate. My knife and fork were placed across the 4:20 position on my plate - the international symbol for "I am finished". She picked up my plate and then asked me to "keep your knife and fork". Like I was supposed to reach up and take it off the plate she was holding? I said, "No, thank you." Very polite-like too because I am just a very polite person. Soooooo...the server asks, "Didn't you order another course?" I said yes, and she told me I would need a knife and fork for my entree. Really? I politely asked if she would bring me another set of cutlery for my entree. (Again, super polite-like.) She looked at me like I was from Mars. It bothered me that she was so completely baffled that someone would want a clean fork and seemed miffed that I made the request of her. If I had retained my dirty knife and fork between courses, there would have been no place to politely put them. Should I lay them down on the table? Hold them upright - one in each hand - awaiting my next course? I was asking for a clean knife and fork. It's a restaurant. They have 'em. It bugged me.

So I wrote that bitch fest column.

Okay, back to the present...

It is hot. In the 90s. We are doing okay here in our air conditioned tin can, but I feel bad for the hipsters (Angela & Kosta!) at the Coachella Music Festival. Though we are too scared to leave the resort and face the local festival traffic, we are entertained by the bits of music we can often hear coming from the nearby polo fields and the constant ever-changing advertising banners being dragged around the skies over the festival by small planes.

Most of the signs seem to advertise nightclubs or shows in Las Vegas!

I'd venture a beach probably sounds pretty good to the baking kids at the music festival. (However, I was not aware Las Vegas was on a beach... but since it is Las Vegas, they may have built an ocean in the middle of The Strip.)


And then we have the very cool five-plane digital skywriters. Usually, we do not understand what they are saying... though they are writing in English and their grammar is perfect.

This we understand.


It's best to stick to things on the ground. Things we know about. This handsome Roadrunner visits often, but is quite shy and will run away if he sees us. Roadrunners are a fairly large bird - this guy is a foot tall.

Did you know Roadrunners can fly only a few feet? Their wings are too short! Oops! Design flaw! This is why Roadrunners have developed their incredible speed - up to 17 miles per hour. (As a comparison, Usain Bolt runs the 100m dash at 23 miles per hour.) Oh, gosh, don't even ponder why I have such trivial information in my little brain... but when a Roadrunner takes-off, he moooooves.

When things calmed down a bit overhead, we went down to the Club House for a lovely meal. Calm. Quiet. Delicious.

Tomorrow we have a huge adventure planned and I will probably not be able to update until Monday morning, (but I will be twittering all day) so, until my next update, I remain, your resort-bound correspondent.

RV Park:  Motorcoach Country Club. Without a doubt (to me - and don't forget, it's my website) the finest RV Resort in The World. Every available amenity. Golf, tennis courts, 3 pools, 3 spas, bathhouses, 2 laundries, fitness center, club houses, restaurant, bar, gated security, 2-mile waterway and wifi.