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Lisa and Lenny flew to Portland this morning (with Leo) for a weekend of festivities for Chris & Laura's wedding.

I knew it was going to be a good day when I stopped to buy flowers for their room and found a bouquet of pretty pink tulips with three double-blooming stems!

I rarely find double-bloom tulips - and to find three in one bouquet was a triple good luck sign for me.

Excuse me while I run out to buy three lotto tickets.

Is there anything prettier than a bouquet of tulips?

We spent the day with the kids and the Cutest Baby Ever.

Leo helped me with paper recycling.

Leo helped me in the kitchen.

Leo is such a big help.

The kids flew-in today to attend the rehearsal dinner for Chris & Laura's wedding. No, we are not in the wedding party. No, we are not family. Yes, we were invited to the rehearsal dinner.

We have our own category.

It's how we roll.

Lenn & Lisa

Lenny & Lisa (enjoying a McMenamin Brothers Ruby Ale sorry, Kris) at the rehearsal dinner. Mary & Steve hosted a very fun party at one of our favorite restaurants in the world - Cornelius Pass Roadhouse - a signature McMenamin property. Burgers and deep-fried tater tots.

Need I say more?

Cory, Brandon, Chris & Laura

The Bride & Groom (far right) pose with Cory (groom's baby sister) and one of the groomsmen (our housesitter) Brandon.

Is it scary that we all don't even need Kevin Bacon?

Until my next update, I remain, your "it's gonna be a great weekend" correspondent.