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Busy Day Soup

I'm pretty sure the neighbors are suspicious I am having an affair with our UPS driver. And the FedEx driver. And that maybe I am having a fling with the DHL delivery guy.

I understand their curiosity. Between finishing the remodel job, planning to go away for the winter, ordering a few items for the casita - not to mention Lisa's wedding - there have been a ridiculously steady stream of delivery trucks in our driveway. Our cardboard recycling bin is overflowing.

Let's just say, it's a little busy around here.

So... today, after I ran a few miles and made a batch of buttermilk ice cream, but before I packaged a shipment of 250 Camping Journal RV Log Books for retail... before I went to get a pedicure... before I installed a new stereo system in Lisa's room... before I went to the grocer (again) - I made a pot of soup.

You know, in my spare time.

Our local grocer has been offering the most divine organic Oregon-grown Early Girl tomatoes for the past few weeks. They are a deep, dark red and completely ripe. The store is clever enough to display the beauties with an assortment of crostini, fresh buffalo mozzarella, garlic and fresh basil. Bruschetta anyone?

But I was wanting soup. I cut three pounds of the tomatoes in half and placed them on a baking sheet (lined with parchment paper). Then I added one wedged onion and about six (yeah, it really was a lot) cloves of garlic. Next the whole mess was drizzled with a little bit olive oil and sprinkled with Kosher salt and tossed to coat. I roasted the veggies for about 50 minutes at 375°.

Wow, did our house smell swooningly good this morning!

Sure, I could have stood over a stove - sauteing the onions and garlic and cooking the tomatoes down to a mush, but the oven was much easier (I accomplished quite a bit during that 50 minutes!) and I wanted the deep flavor, color and a few dark specks from the charred bits in the soup.

After the roasted veggies had cooled a bit, I ran them through the food processor. All I had to do for dinner tonight was heat the puree, and thin the soup to "my desired consistency" and toss-in a little chopped fresh basil. I used three cups of veggie stock, and checked the soup for salt & pepper needs.

My vegan soup had a little chunky texture - and was filling - yet one large bowl had way less than 200 calories! The three pounds of tomatoes made enough soup for four servings. 

The soup tasted just like summer.

I won't post this as a recipe, as I have only prepared it once - and obviously, the soup is so simple, a recipe simply isn't required.

Lisa, Lenny & Leo arrive in the morning! Leo! Leo! Leo!

Until my next update, I remain, your faithful correspondent.