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Reese is here!

Indio, California: Another day in Paradise! The weather was just outstanding - 70° and sunny! We understand the weather forecast calls for a dramatic change (cold & rain!)tomorrow, so we enjoyed the sunshine today.

We had a visitor of the avian variety this morning. I am going to call it a crane, until My Dad emails me with the correct species.

Snow on the mountains, but sun and palm trees at the sea-level Motorcoach Country Club. DT went for a run on nearby trails. I ran loops around the resort - once around the perimeter is 1.5 miles.

With around 400 sites, the resort is practically full. Few empty sites. Lots in this park are privately owned (we are renting through the office pool of owners who are away and want to rent-out their sites) and most owners have improved their lots with casitas, outdoor living areas, outdoor kitchens, water features, fire pits, etc. Even though the resort has three pools and three hot tubs, many owners have added a plunge pool or hot tub at their site. Sites around the perimeter wall are back-ins. Interior sites face either a lake, the golf course or the waterway. Sites on the waterway include a boat dock. Electric boats only.

Another convenient thing about this site is the lemon tree bursting with fruit on the next-door lot (and the owner is away). One or more of these lemons may/may not make their way into our refrigerator. Shhhh... don't tell.

As promised, Paul of Dynamic Mobile Detailing (760-324-0935), arrived with his crew and washed our motorhome from top to bottom. They washed the crud off the engine too. Detailed the tires.

They even washed our Honda.

The crew clean the roof, the satellite dishes, the skylight, the solar panels and the top of the extended awnings from the roof.

The bus is washed and hand-dried. ($90 for the RV; $15 for the car.) An electric blower is used to dry the window seals, bay seals and any other hard-to-reach spots. The crew even cleans inside the bay doors - and under the extended awnings. The awnings are left out to dry... which didn't take too long in the sun this afternoon.

The Magna Peregrinus is so pretty now! DT is so happy now.

I am happy as well. The Lovely Lisa stopped by this afternoon (for five minutes) and left us with her little dog for a few days. As it just-so-happens, our girl is in Palm Springs on business, so I volunteered to keep an eye on Little Reese (so he wouldn't have to go to his doggie daycare).

The Lovely Lisa is happy she doesn't have to pay for boarding. Reese is happy he gets to hang-out with us - we keep him very busy. Reese gets a lot of exercise here - and is able to play with many other dogs - at this RV resort. I am firm believer that a tired dog is a happy dog. Everyone is happy at the Motorcoach Country Club.

DT and I will remain in this evening with our little pup. A few weeks ago, I made a pot of spicy chili and froze a bit of it for just such an evening. Easy dinner... and I bet there is a football game on television.

Until my next update, I remain, your "I've nearly forgotten about yesterday" correspondent.

RV Park:  Motorcoach Country Club. Without a doubt (to me - and don't forget, it's my website) the finest RV Resort in The World. Every available amenity. Golf, tennis courts, 3 pools, 3 spas, bathhouses, fitness center, club houses, restaurant, bar, gated security, 2-mile waterway and wifi. We are paying about $100 per night. (Not a typo!)