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Quiet Monday

Lenny's parents have flown back to DC. The rental dudes arrived to fetch the chairs, umbrellas and shade tents. The dishwasher has been through ten cycles. The recycling bin is over-flowing. It must have been the greatest first birthday party in the history of the universe.

Today was a bit more relaxed. No parties. No momentous occasions. Lenny worked and the rest of us finished putting things away after the birthday celebration.

The Birthday Boy may have spent quite a bit of time riding around on his new truck - a birthday gift from Lenny's parents. Leo loves his new toy!

DT may have spent a little time in the back garden wrestling exotic animals. He deflated a zebra, a penguin and a giraffe.

Marlin Perkins would have been so jealous of DT's skills.

All of this activity is just too much for Little Leo. He crashed-out at ten o'clock for his morning nap. I know the rule about "when the baby sleeps, you should sleep"... but the tasks that can be accomplished when this baby sleeps is impressive.

Lunch time found us at a taco stand in Los Angeles (imagine that?)... where we sampled the chicken, beef and fish tacos - each just over $2. I'm not going to lie. They were not the best tacos I have ever tried... but since we chowed-down our meal in 15 seconds, maybe I am not the best person to comment. Leo crashed his mouth on the side of a restaurant table and split his lip - and screamed - so Lisa went to her car with him as we ate - while we had her lunch ordered posthumously "to go".

Leo is fine. Just a few hours after his "crash", no sign of the trauma remained.

Fish, free-range chicken and grass-fed beef tacos. You just gotta love LA.

I have not been commenting on the Olympics, but most of my friends are doing well and moving on to the semi and final races. I am waking in the middle of the night to watch the races live on my iPad. Sleep is not necessary when you are in a house with a baby during the Olympics. Matt Jr. will compete tomorrow in the 1500m final (1:15p pacific). 

We have a very big day tomorrow, so check back for that update.

Until my next update, I remain, your rested correspondent.